Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anime, Zizek

Well, went to Osaka a few days ago and met with some of the people from the lab I am going to be working at. As well, there was a conference and I listened in on some of the speakers. Today I met with another connection through a friend at LSE, had lunch with a few people from a Lab and they were very nice and helpful. Even though it doesn't seem like I do that much, I am now exhausted after writing notes for an hour or two. Anime is on in the background, singing some kind of theme song, and I am reading this on Zizek: The Deadly Jester. Which seems quite right, as I find him to be hilarious if not taken seriously, but since he is sometimes supposed to be taken seriously, deeply troubling. Anyway, will have a real post at some other point but just wanted to share the link! And somehow the TV goes particularly well with an article about Zizek. I'm not sure what channel this is, but there was just an ad for a Doraemon board game.

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